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At some point in your life, you will realize that the answer to the meaning of it all is an uncomplicated, one-syllable word, packed with a myriad of clashing emotions:


Of course, others have come to this conclusion, perhaps in the same manner that I came to it myself. If you are looking for effective strategies on how to get your girlfriend back, read on and be inspired with this success story…

I realized how much I loved her when I hesitated to open my eyes in the morning- When I realized that nothing in my life mattered and that the only thought on my mind was her. I realized that if I did anything at all in those days, there was a hope behind it, and that hope was desperate and more significant than anything I had ever wanted in my entire life- that she would take me back. That we would once again be together and that I would find a reason to smile again- that I would want to smile again.

Everything I did was driven by a single thought: Mia. This is quite cliche, but I truly came to understand love: I needed her like I needed oxygen, yet without her, there was no reason to breathe. In this moment, when I realized that my physical survival depended on one person that was not myself, I knew that love was the answer to it all. Most importantly, I realized that Mia was the one.

She was the woman my life depended on.

After the breakup, I went into a period of numbness so deep that the lack of emotions drove me into a false sense of being fine with the end of our relationship. It was not until I looked around one day and realized that the mess around me and the darkness in my mind screamed the exact opposite. I wanted Mia back and I was determined to do anything to revive our love.

At that time, I did not realize that most of my attempts to get Mia back were the definition of desperation- In my tortured mind, the messages I sent through email and left on her voicemail were acts of love that she would see as proof of my needing her. I sent her countless gifts, and even wrote pages and pages of poetry, trying to reach her though antique demonstrations of love. But she did not want any of this, and I was still alone and ignorant to the fact that my “acts of love” were actually stabs in the dark that hurt my chances of ever getting her back.

In what I considered at the time, the loss of all dignity, I finally reached out to the Holy Grail of all information and sometimes, all answers. The Internet. It seems like such an unromantic and even tainted way to go about reconciliating love, but this is where I finally found my answer…

Late one night, I came across a forum recommending a course called The Magic of Making Up.

I clicked on the link which directed me to a site that went on and on about how I could get my ex-girlfriend back through X strategy and Y method. I was getting frustrated with the hypothetical situations and general explanations offered by the site that in a rush of desperate curiosity, I bought the damn thing.

The only reason I am writing this today is because I cannot find any other way to show my deep appreciation for this course. I believe that the only way I can really be thankful is if I share my experience with others who find themselves in that position of desperation I described above. I can say today that The Magic of Making Up is the only resource you need to get back with the person you love and I am living proof that the system works.


I have some theories about why The Magic of Making Up works.

You see, now that I have Mia by my side, I am able to think about the dark times I was without her in a rational manner. I am able to look back at the mistakes I made and the thought process that produced those mistakes. The creator of the course, T.W. Jackson, really understands how people act after going through a breakup that leaves them crushed and desperate. The fact of the matter is that we act stupidly. We are so naive that we think our acts of desperation are acceptable approaches- We think that we will somehow taint the idea of romance if we use reason to win them back.

In reality, the only way we will get our ex back is by acting through calculation and careful planning. This approach takes insight, patience, and above all, self-control. After reading The Magic of Making Up, I now have a completely different perspective of all the things I did in the past to win Mia back. A very important concept, explained in The Magic of Making Up, is that of perspective. It is essential to view yourself as your ex views you. If you do not like what you see, chances are, she or he doesn’t either. You have to ask yourself one basic question: Do I love me?

For example, when I look back at the unshaven man in wrinkled clothing, recording a ten-minute voicemail message in an uneven, breaking voice, I am simply embarrassed. I imagine how that must have looked from her side and cringe.

I also sent Mia expensive gifts and thought that these were tokens of love, but when I look back now, I realize they were simply offerings- The sort you make to the Gods in the hope that it will finally rain in the desert. Then I look at the poems I wrote for her and instead of seeing the romantic gesture I thought they were at the time, I see a desperate man with blood-shot eyes awake in the late hours of the night typing away with a look of utter loss on his face. These poems came from a dark place reached only in the deepest moments of sadness, although at the time, I thought they came from the heart, from a place of pure love.

It is often too easy to get confused as to what is really driving our actions, and when we lose someone, the things we do to get them back often reflect ugly places within ourselves that we normally stay away from- Why would we want our love to see the sadness within us? This is a call for pity, not for love. We must learn to distinguish between the two and as you must know, at this time, it is difficult to do so. We throw away everything by making cheap shots that are the result of an impulse rather than a thought. The most important thing you will learn through The Magic of Making Up is that we must use our mind to get our love back.

Perhaps the most revealing act I performed while trying to get Mia back was praying. After reading The Magic of Making Up, I am most impressed by the idea behind this act. I am not a religious person, but I found myself on my knees, making promises and crying hot tears that came from that place that made me beg, that place that made me convulse inside. I realize now that the prayers were empty by one simple rule. If I had Mia, would I pray? No, I would not. And this is significant for one reason…

We are only motivated to change when the consequences of not doing so have already slapped us across the face and left us huddled on the floor.

Why is it that I was willing to change while I was without Mia, but not while I was with her? Why is it, that I only saw flaws within myself after losing her? We see these questions in every romance movie and novel ever made, but we still come to a point in our lives when these questions apply directly to ourselves.

If you find yourself today in the place I was three years ago, desperately seeking how to get your ex-girlfriend back, I highly recommend that you consult The Magic of Making Up.

Click here to check it out.

I am now a happy man and I have everything I have ever wanted in my life. If the love of your life is out there and you want to get them back, this course can really help you. I thoroughly recommend it and I am forever grateful to its instruction.

All the best in getting your love back,


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